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 pure pkers now recuriting.

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xx claws xx

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PostSubject: pure pkers now recuriting.   Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:27 am

Yo this is pure and the co-leader of Pure Pkers.

I am currently Recruiting for good Pkers...


stats: ::pure,can lvl up prayer but not defence.

Must be Rich so no Begging at the Admins.

Must risk stuff. We don't want pure with Monk Robe etc.

So join now, Make a Post of:
screenshots of our stat,what you risk and what you take in inventorys during pking,and your bank.

current Member's are as it follows:

xx claws xx

Pro's; Empty.
Veterans; Empty.

Noobiezzz: Empty.

NOTE:you will be starting with a noobiezzz rank
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pure pkers now recuriting.
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